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Late 2013: A lady contacted me, left a voice mail on my cell with her number to call her back. I was in the USA at the time to conduct a clinic and a guest speaker at a chemists' symposium and by the time I returned my voice mail was full and somehow accidentally her message was deleted.  She commented that she is aware I don't breed now but she had questions and needed advice on her search for a good pup.  I apologize, I lost your number. You're welcome to call again or email me with your contact info and I'll call you.   or
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Mr. Gouda,
I want to first thank you for your noble contribution to the Great Dane lines of the world. I have never seen such high quality Danes in my entire life. 
I have owned Great Danes for  the past 5 years and am an advent lover of the breed they are member of our family and reside indoors.  I have worked with many Dane rescues to help my beloved breed find there forever homes.  For 6 years I worked as a veterinary technician and have extensive knowledge of all animals but especially Great Danes. I have come across so many Danes that are very poorly bred.  My first dane who I named "Pharoah" was the love of my life I got him at 6 weeks and was unaware of his congenital heart defect. By 1 year old I had him on Digoxin, Lasix, and Enacard. I was doing everything in my power to save my love.  I worked closely with my Veterinarian to save Pharaoah. Yet it was to no avail because at almost 2 years old his heart could not compensate and he passed away. 
Ever since I have been on a mission to obtain my own high quality Danes so that I may avoid the heart break that I still carry with the loss of Pharaoh. I wish to one day show Danes if I ever owned an amazing one or two. I love Egyptian names and was pondering Egyptian names for my future Great Dane. I currently have one Dane named "Egypt" and was considering the name "Cairo" when I thought of "Anubis".  I typed it into google and there the most amazing Danes I have ever seen in this world stared back at me
I live in Hawaii currently, I am a 26 year old nursing student, and my husband is a Marine in the US Marine Corps currently deployed to Iraq. We are stationed here in Hawaii until I graduate in August 2010 where then we will be moving to Virginia. I am hopelessly devoted to this breed and wonder if I may be blessed with the honor of perhaps being on your waiting list and one day being apart of your "good home list".  At the very least know that you have a friend in Hawaii if you ever want to vacation here and one day  and if I am so blessed and honored as to own a Dane or two from your litter it will be the happiest day of my life!
Aloha and God Bless from the state of lousy bred Danes...but beautiful beaches,
Samantha Isberner
6575 Kekahuna Pl APT B
Kailua, HI 96734
A 2010 case of bad experience we felt we must post.
A Calgary woman talked me into accepting 3 installments of $500 each. She had a great home with a large fenced property, sounded nice and kind and I accepted.  She made the first payment.  In good faith, trusting her, I sent her the pup immediately before she had fully paid for him, and I paid over $400 air shipping and kennel costs.  I did it because, first, if I had kept him for 6 more weeks until she had paid in full, the Dane would have been very heavy, it would have cost her perhaps $600 as opposed to a $250 air cargo cost; and $150 for a bigger kennel and, also the bonding factor.
She ignored me, no 2nd payment - which was supposed to be in a week's time - no returning of my emails.
I was very disappointed and - I have friends in every major city from Toronto to Vancouver as I was appointed and traveled to lecture and hold clinics all over the country. So, I had her investigated by a friend. And, as a principle, I took legal action. A lawyer in her city represented me. She ended up paying a $2500 extra for legal fees since she is to blame, in addition to a full price for my pup. And, she turned to be a wealthy woman on a 20 acres water front, just cheap and dishonest!   Her name is ...  well ... I have the right legally to post it because there was a court case and a judgement ... but, I will be kind and will not name her!    I know, most people are honest.

Perhaps it is only fair to state here that I have tried in every way to be accommodating and to help families, especially those with kids, to get a pup.  In fact, the only reason I got back into breeding here in BC was a frustrated response to the arrogance and greed and "bitchy" attitude of many breeders I have seen while shopping for a pet Dane again after relocating back here after an overseas contract.

Last litter for example, I gave away 4 pups FOR FREE.  I sold 1 for $1000, 1 in exchange for repair service (a man with 3 children) and 2 for $1500 (one of these two were on monthly installments plan) - and anyone would know this would not cover even a semi-responsible breeding costs, let alone make money.  So I believe I do my part and no regrets - in fact it's very rewarding to see hard working families with kids happy.

Of course, and I have to comment, I still didn't escape the poor and greedy business attitude of some breeders who don't like my approach because it isn't good for their "business" of shipping out litters of low cost breeding pups!! 

A local lady right here in the same city of Nanaimo where I live, has a female Harlequin Dane and is looking for a stud of the same colour of course.
You probably get loads of mail about your (truly) Great Danes, so feel free to ignore my rambling.:) Its a bit of a longwinded way to thank someone, sorry!
I've lived with animals all my life. I'm 28 and rent from my Mum, an upstairs flat in an old, rambling farmhouse in the BC interior.I got the first two years of my Animal Health and Welfare at university and went to work for the local SPCA....and there, thanks to a lovely German couple who boarded their dogs with us, I fell in love with Danes. (Somewhere in all the backstabbing and beaurocracy I fell out of love with the SPCA, and stayed in love with danes.)

I've had some astounding (and, thankfully abortive) attempts to be 'owned by a Dane'....from the shelter puppies (most of whom were deaf),to the adult rescue that had early stage hip dysplasia at 12 months, the puppy mill who wanted to swap puppies for motorbike parts, the breeder who wanted 5000.00USD for a petstock puppy...the list goes on. (It was heartening to see that was a problem faced by lots of people.....I was starting to think I was a twit)

Somewhere in there, my (long suffering) friends kept wondering why I wanted a Great Dane, but were happily supportive of my apparent insanity. Finaly a good friend who lives in Ladysmith asked why I hadnt 'talked to the person who breeds those stripey Danes in Nanaimo?' A bit of searching and I found AnubisGreatDanes!
Asside from the stunning photos, (you have an absolutely AMAZING line!) you have the best selection of Great Dane info I have seen on any Breeder/Fancier or Kennel Club site. Thank you so much for taking the time to put everything together. I've spent the last several hours reading, and come away more hopeful and educated about great Danes than I ever have on other sites. A lot of the Great Dane info I have found reads like a textbook, the fact that your information is based in experience and fact rather than quotations from the 'Dogfancy Dane Special' is great.

I was also amazed at how reasonable (especialy after reading the 'cost for the breeder' section) your pet-pup-prices are...I never imagined I might be able to one day afford a pup with lineage like that!(unless I won the lotto!) It certainly wont be for a while...I've got a fair bit of saving and reading to do~but one day you'll most likely see my name on one of your 'I want to be owned by a Truly GREAT Dane 'contracts!
Thanks Again!
Gillian April
Salmon Arm, BC

Hello Paul,
I spoke to you last year when you had Cleo's litter. I am so sorry I listened to bad advice and purchased a cheaper American pup. Money was a little tight and the $600 difference were no savings I tell you.
We had so many health problems with our Dane and of course, as I just read on your site, the breeder didn't spend money on the pregnancy medical supplements you explained on the page: "what's the difference between the very cheap, the expected price and the too expensive pups",    And as you said, it meant ending up with the problems dogs would have in nature. 
And of course, the Dane turned to be nothing like your pups, nothing like Cleopatra! smaller and pointed head, short and just simply nothing like Cleo; but, it's too late of course as he is now my son's best friend as you can imagine.
I showed my vet your presentation on "how healthy my pup will be" page and she was impressed.
Attached is credit card information for a $500 deposit for a pup from your next litter. This pup will be my Dane. If you need me to send another application let me know.
Did I also tell you that a breeder is using your Cleopatra's picture for their ad? the link is attached.
All the best to you, your son and your beautiful Danes.
Jessica Blair;
North Vancouver, BC.
Hi Paul. I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to visit you and to meet your wonderful Danes.  One more comment, it’s a fact I didn't mention to you as I tried to keep the tone of my visit positive. My years of experience showing Danes left a bad taste in my mouth. It's was so political, back-stabbing unpleasant experience and although my Dane made the Ch title, I would never show again. I just don’t need that, specially that the same 4 “B***” women are still around with the same negative self-serving business attitude. It’s sad. So, the Dane I hope to have from you will be a family member to enjoy and to spoil.
Thank you again for your hospitality.
Dan Seige, Hope. BC.

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I thought these dogs quit growing at 2 years!!! My boy shocked us this morning when we tried to fit his winter coat on him. Actually the coat is a horse blanket in the ‘pony’ size’ and it fit our previous Dane, Maestro for all of his adult life. However, this morning was the first time we needed to use it this winter – it turned very cold overnight- and we could barely get this garment to fasten across the front of Vivaldi’s chest. The garment doesn’t have straps under the chest – thank goodness- or we would not have been able to use it. Don’t get me wrong – at 3.5 years, Vivaldi is NOT fat – he’s well-proportioned, we just didn’t realize the change in size from last year. I suppose I should have realized it because he has outgrown his harness for the attachment to the seat belt in the car. That gizmo straps under the chest and over his head, across the front of his chest. Now we have to use an animal harness actually designed for ‘hauling’ because they are available in larger sizes.

Vivaldi has two girlfriends now, two Great Danes that live four houses away. They come to visit regularly and the three of them prance and jump and frolic all over our acreage…a beautiful sight to watch. Vivaldi is generally quiet natured, laid-back, and very, very gentle. But he also has an innate schedule that is inviolate. For instance, he knows when it is chow time…if the food isn’t in place he will stand in front of you and stare until you react…no barking…just glaring! This is very funny because there is always dry meal and water available… but that’s NOT dinner. Dinner = meat! By the way – he is a MESSY eater!!!

Our clients love him and many people just drop in to the office to say hello to him. His favourite resting place is under my desk on an extra large bed with an extra large blanket to cover him in winter. Sometimes he graces my husband with his presence. In that office he just sprawls across the carpet or flips on his back to show off to clients.  

Are you travelling these days or do you still reside in Nanaimo? Do you still have Anubis, Nifirtiti, Cleopartra, and Ra? I hope you have kept them and at some point resume breeding. So MANY people have inquired about you after seeing what a beautiful, healthy dog I have. Unfortunately, I have to inform them you are no longer breeding.

Also I need to purchase more supplements for Vivaldi. Your website indicates that you are still in Nanaimo but I thought I had better confirm before sending a cheque.  

Thx for my wonderful Vivaldi / Diane Rogers

Note, for the benefit of others; Cheque is to be made payable to "Optimum Green" - not to me personally. Mail to: 5-514 Campbell St. Nanaimo. BC. V9R 3H1.  Allow 2 weeks for lab work plus approx. a week for shipping time.  Thank you.