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I encourage you to take the time to read every single page on every subject presented by this site. It'll help you a great deal whether you're having a pup now or later and whether from us or even a different breed.
You would be surprised how many emails we get from people who wrote us they wished they had read the material posted via this site prior to getting a pup from some online commercial breeder or prior to breeding their dog or prior to experiencing a health problem that could have been prevented ... etc.
So sit back, relax, read & enjoy.
Do we have puppies right now?  How much?   why some online pups are cheaper?  what about some very expensive advertised pups - are they the best? how much a pup costs the breeder? pup application ... and more.
                              General & introductory
About the history of the breed.   Congratulation on having a Dane,  General info on Living with a Dane. Official standard of the breed.  Caring for a Dane.  Obedience ... and more.
                   Characteristics & important facts
Puppy characteristics test.   How smart will my Dane will be? How big will my Dane get? How long will my Dane live to be? how healthy will my Dane be?  Dog IQ test ... and more.
                             Diet  & health care
What to feed the Dane: as a pup and adult; and special diets such as the female's pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post pregnancy and the male's pre-mating, health checks.   Vaccinations ... and more.
The health danger of puppy mills and common uneducated backyard breeders.  What you must know before you breed.  The cost of proper breeding.  How to select the sex & colour of the puppies ... and much more. 
                                      About us  
         Contact info.       
Personal & business references.   

                               Ears cropping  

To crop or not to crop?   How long does it take for the ear to stand erect?  taping care illustrated ... and more.
                               Show  or Pet  

Should I show my Dane? what is involved?  is a show pup necessarily better?  ... and more.
                     Dane documents  & related info

Puppy certificate.  Health (life time - 10 years) guarantee as part of the puppy application -contract.  Bulletin board.   And, I too have questions to ask ... and more.
                         Pictorial reference tour  
                      meet our previous puppies  
and hear what some lucky families who had a pup from me had to say                        
                         Selected videos
                          meet our Danes
                               our boys                                           

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                          meet our Danes
                                Our girls                                  

               Nifirtiti                           Cleopatra
Finally, why I won't breed again?
This, Sept. 2011 is my last and final breeding.

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